About Us

I am James Andrew Whittenburg V., known as JAWV by those closest to me.

I am the Owner and Operating Manager of Las Catarinas, LLC. Las Catarinas Ranch, Exotic Hunting Ranch, was established in 2002 by my late father and I. Las Catarinas is a beautiful high fenced ranch just 10 miles south of Junction, Texas. I’m a worldwide avid hunter and conservationist that has inner-twined my 5th generation Texas family ranching history skills with raising high quality & high-end exotic wildlife to breed, raise, and to hunt.

We have many exotics on our land including Pere David Stag, Red Deer, Elk, Fallow, Sika, Axis, Blackbuck, Rhea, Mouflon Rams, Nilgai, Aoudad and many more. To make your hunt more enjoyable, we do all the work. Most of our business is from repeat customers and word of mouth. We don’t invest much in marketing costs so we can pass the savings to you on the hunt. I, personally, make sure that every hunter and guest that comes here leaves with 100% satisfaction. I will make sure you have a memorable trip and that you come back to hunt with us as often as possible.

I can cater any hunt to your specific needs. We do safari style hunts, blind hunts, and stalk and shoot. I use the help of my guides: Big Angel and Little Angel. They are a highly skilled and powerhouse father/son team. We provide proper guidance so you harvest the right animal and if injured, you have many resources to help locate your animal. We have had almost 100% success rate. We don’t force shoot and kill. We encourage you to only shoot when you are ready and have a clear shot.

Texas has the most private hunting lands in the U.S. So, you have many options to choose from in regard to exotic game ranches. What separates my ranch from other ranches is the pricing, customer service and success rate. I am not an outfitter but ranch owner. To me, hunting should be fun, memorable and affordable. That is why I raise my animals and I would love for them to be harvested in the most ethical manner.

Las Catarinas Ranch

Las Catarinas Ranch