We strive to be the best in pricing and the animal quality.

Unquestionably, we are the best in customer service.  If there is an animal you don’t see listed below for the pricing, please let us know.   We may either unintentionally not have listed it or we may be able to make arrangement for that animal for your hunt day.    (Lodging can be arranged for a reasonable price.   Currently, we do not own a lodge and in the process but have a lodge owner we partner with for a good rate).


Meat hunt: (Please call for pricing info)

Addax: $7000

Aoudad: $3500

Axis: $3000 up to Gold;  $3750 for Gold

Blackbuck: $3000

Black Hawaiian Ram: $2000

Corsican Ram: $2000

Eland: $6500

Elk: $7000+

Fallow: $4500

Four Horn Ram: $3000

Lechwe: $6000

Mouflon: $3000

Nilgai: $4500

Pere David: $6500

Red Sheep: $4000

Red Stag: $6000+

Rhea: $1000

Scimitar Horned Oryx: $5000 (up to 40′),  $6000 (40′ +)

Sika: $3000

Texas Dall: $3000

Zebra: $7500

SPECIAL Limited Deals

Blackbuck Doe:  $250

Aoudad Ewe: $250

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Daily Rates:

Day Hunt Guide Fee

$150 per day per hunt

All-Inclusive Rate/Guide Fee

$250 per day/night

Non-Hunting Guest

$100 per day/night

Photo Safari Tours

$100 per person per day

Payments & Policies:

*Wounded game as killed

*Caping/skinning,processing of meat, shipping, & taxidermy are not included in trophy fee rate

*Texas hunting license required along with release form signed

*Prices are subject to change

*All daily rates & trophy fees are due prior to departure of hunt or photo safari

*Payments accepted: Cash, Cashiers Check, Personal Check, Venmo & Varo Accepted

All Inclusive Rates Include:

*Professional Guide

*Field dressing & Cold storage of game

*Transportation of your animal to Taxidermist/Meat Processor

*Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

To Book your Hunt:

J. Whittenburg @ home 210-824-3370,
cell 210-416-1851,