Las Catarinas Ranch

Welcome to Las Catarinas Ranch!

Las Catarinas Ranch is nestled in the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

This vast and beautiful Texas Exotic Game hunting ranch offers guided deer hunting for Axis, Fallow, Red Deer, Sika Deer and so many more.

Here at Las Catarinas, we provide excellent exotic game hunts for animals like Addax, Aoudad, Bison, Blackbuck, Catalina Goat, Corsican Sheep, Eland, Four-horned Sheep, Gemsbok, Hawaiian Black Sheep, Lechwe, Moulfon Sheep, Nilgai, Persian Ibex, Sable, Scimitar Horned Oryx, Texas Dall Sheep, Wildebeest, Yak, Zebra and the list goes on!

At the LC, we hunt as you would in Africa with our adventurous Safari style hunts. We have multiple water holes where you can sit and watch hundreds of animals come and go throughout your hunting day. We also provide blind and spot and stalk hunting for those hunters who like to be on the ground moving. All our hunts are guided by our team of very experienced professionals. We spare no expense in providing luxury hunting from our high-rack hunting trucks and custom shooting station to our comfort facilities located on the ranch so you can relax a bit and enjoy the view.

From fully guided hunts, bed & breakfast-style accommodations, gourmet meals, and an open bar, your stay and your experience with Las Catarinas Ranch will be a memorable one.

Las Catarinas Ranch